ProRate Spring



What spring fits my shock?

Scroll Down For Full Spring Fitment Chart. The ProRate Spring is currently available for a 50, 52.5, 55, 57.5, 60, 62.5, and 65mm stroke Jade/Jade X shocks. If you have a 50-57mm stroke shock, get the 55mm spring. If you have a 60-65mm shock, get the 65mm stroke spring. If your shock does not have any of the above stroke lengths, the ProRate Spring will NOT work. You need to use the LS spring. Will not fit 8.5x2.5 Jade or Jade X. This shock size requires a 2.5 straight rate springs only.

Progressive Rate Coil

• Up to 125lbs. of progressive rate coil. Great for that big hit support for aggressive riders or linear linkage designs.

• Lightweight and high-quality Japanese steel

•Retains spring-rate up to 1,000,000 compressions

• Longest spring life of any lightweight steel spring on the market

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