Emerald Inverted

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Intended Uses:

  • DH


WHY Emerald Inverted?

The fork that turned the suspension industry upside down. Our flagship product that launched DVO into the big leagues and set the tone for the company. Every piece of this product is designed with the mindset of innovation. It was built to stir things up, change how people viewed suspension in general, and give riders the best suspension experience possible. The dual crown fork’s inverted design and Carbon Torsion Arch, along with easily accessible shim stacks, put this fork on the radar of DH riders and racers looking for something that stood out from the current offerings.

This is a fork for the tinkerer, the rider whose eyes light up at the idea of trying different shim configurations. The rider who wants a fork that lets them easily get into the inner workings to tune away to their heart’s content.


  • Damper
    Open Bath, High and Low Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound
  • Air Spring Features
    Air Pressure Adjust, External OTT Off The Top
  • Travel
    26= 203mm, 27.5=203mm
  • Stanchions
  • Crown
    26= 44mm, 27.5=50mm
  • Axle to Crown
    27.5=585 at 203mm travel
  • Wheel Size
    26, 27.5
  • Hub Spacing
    110mm Non Boost
  • Axle Type
    20mm Bolted Axle
  • Steerer Options
    Tapered Alloy
  • Rotor Mount
    203mm Direct
  • Lowers
  • Color Options
    Black, Green, Brown


  • OTT (Off the Top)

    Our industry exclusive OTT feature really sets DVO product apart from anything else. It allows you to perfectly fine tune how the initial stroke feels without any mid/end stoke compromise. You really do the best of both worlds.

    The OTT feature works by using a 5mm allen key to externally add or remove preload on a coil negative spring. Once you’re about 30% of the way through the travel, the OTT spring is completely disengaged and you get into the positive air spring which controls your mid-stroke and bottom out. Set your air pressure for how you want the fork to feel in the mid to end stroke and fine tune your small bump sensitivity with the OTT feature.

  • Loader Compression

  • Carbon Torsion Arch

  • 400cc's of Oil