LS Spring Jade/Jade X


Comes with spacer and installation guide in box

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We now offer the LS (light steel) spring for the Jade Coil. This spring is made of high grade Japanese steel that saves close to a pound over a traditional steel spring. Our LS Spring retains it’s weight rating and integrity longer than anything other light steel spring on the market.

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Coil Spring Size/Rate

2.5x250lb, 2.5x300lb, 2.5x350lb, 2.5x400lb, 2.5x450lb, 2.5x500lb, 2.5x550lb, 2.5x600lb, 3.0x250lb, 3.0x300lb, 3.0x350lb, 3.0x400lb, 3.0x450lb, 3.0x500lb, 3.0x550lb

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